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Sunday, August 21, 2011
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  • BrightSpark
    06-19 05:45 PM
    cool one brightspark.

    Cheers bud :D

    Gona make me an avatar and sig next :p

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  • vvskm
    04-21 10:32 AM
    Just contributed $100 thru Paypal.

    Receipt ID:

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  • Smuragalla
    07-20 07:13 PM
    Hey SmartBoy,

    Could you please update the status of your h1b reopen case, I am in the same stage, but I am staying with current employer no new h1b transfer.

    would really appreciate if you can update me, the Final status.

    Thank You.

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  • v2neha
    01-30 05:45 PM
    Looks like the question numbers are changing very frequently - when I voted they were questions 11 and 38. Please pay attention to text and not question numbers when voting


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  • GCOP
    08-12 01:26 PM

    Once the Break is Over in 2nd week of September, We all should call members of congress , as many as possible, to get their Support for Visa Recapture Bill. If that bill passes, it will help all the EB categories.

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  • girijas
    06-19 03:30 PM

    Check out the above website. 6039 is the one relating to STEM and it has 26 co-sponsors


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  • gcdedo
    01-30 09:15 AM
    This is good news..But the Damage is already been the past.....

    I guess DOL had some 300K cases pending when Backlog center started..It adjudicated some 150K till now.( Rough Estimate) and still 150 K left.

    Even if considering 10000 Labors been substituted till now ...Imagine the wait period for rest of us. I wish this law was enacted, when they started Backlog centers..

    Anyway..something is better than nothing....Hope for the Best...for new laws regarding SKIL,CIR Etc..atleast filing 485 when Visa numbers are not available..


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  • jelo
    04-27 12:58 PM
    I am not talking like anyone, just expressing my views. Please refrain your self from pointing fingers to any member. I did not come through a consulting company, hope this makes you happy.

    mr Ganduteli please dont make comments on either visa status, my wife or any substitute labor as none of them apply to my case.

    likewise please do not generalize any working type or business which is legally allowed to operate in US just because you are not working for that.
    Please restrain from posting anything negative which will not help anybody.


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  • pappu
    03-14 05:27 PM
    My mistake.. I was under the impression that my contact info is visible. I have already met with my local congressman and submitted a memo. I have got a reply saying they would address this issue as part of impending CIR bill. I was not sure what to make of it, whether he is pro and anti retrogression..
    Thanks for updating the profile. pls set up a conf call in your chapter. Announce it on the forum and get people to PM you their email and phone number and then invite them for the call. This will ensure you have commited people who genuinely want to work in the local chapter with you. send an email to IV if you have any question and we will help you. Get in touch with other state chapter leaders that are active (paskal, janilsal, varshadas..etc) for inputs since they are also meeting lawmakers. It is a community effort and everyone needs to make some efforts in order for us to succeed.

    for more info

    Pls take charge of your chapter and make it the most active chapter.
    Best wishes.

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  • nat23
    11-15 03:47 PM
    I do not mean to be negative, but this immigration debacle does not seem to end. How long do we have to freaking endure this nightmare? IV has been trying for months now...When do you think we will have immigration relief? Are we just going to end up being like thirsty deers in a desert chasing a mirage in search for water?

    Are there any astrologers in the forum? Does any astrologer see the retrogression ending soon?


    Relax !

    There is a saying in Hindi which goes like this:
    " Kismat se zyada aur waqt se phele kabhie kissi ko khuch nahi milta"

    CIR will come through. We just have to be patient and keeping pushing for our demands. The whole country acknowledges that immigration system needs to be fixed. I'm sure something good will come out of all the efforts.



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  • eb3_nepa
    06-07 09:17 AM
    Awesome post logiclife!

    On a side note. I would LOVE it if people working here on Visas were NOT referred to as "aliens". It is VERY demeaning to people of other countries.

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  • fasterthanlight�
    06-07 04:29 PM
    Ya but thats not really a skin....... its the end result of the design.

    I think you guys are misunderstanding what benkobe meant by "skin"


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  • pmb76
    07-16 06:52 PM
    the revised version is more pointed.

    Here are a few other points to consider and highlight:
    - That the woes of legal high skilled immigrants are completely forgotten
    - Despite the fact that they pay taxes, social security etc
    - They represent a continued American heritage of immigrants chasing the Great American Dream

    While H1B workers might appear to 'displace US workers', the crux of the issue is that in order for US companies to remain innovative and competitive they cannot afford to take a hoary protectionist policy in talent management.

    High skilled talent finds level ground, wherever it might be.

    While the old world order was about national boundaries and international competition amongst countries, the new world order is about a flat world where transnational collaboration and commerce can enable wealth and job creation in any part of the world!

    The presence of high skilled foreign workers INSIDE the US
    - ensures that jobs remain in the US
    - ensures that resultant taxes remain in the US
    - ensures that resultant investments target the US economy
    - apart from ensuring US competitive and commercial advantage

    The oft repeated arguments about 'local talent being available but not tapped' is borne out of a sense of elitist entitlement; something that runs counter to the great American Dream and the quest for constant innovation, creation, improvement and execution.

    The need of the hour should be on how to enable successful assimilation of high skilled labor and talent into the US economy such that the economic engines of efficient productivity are not hampered by artificial tarrifs and barriers borne out of a broken immigration system.

    The quest for a color-blind, talent-oriented, country-agnostic immigration system has a long and sometimes troubling, history.

    While the old world afforded the luxury of years to rectify imblances and imperfections in policy constructs, the new world leaves little room for inefficient alignment of policies.

    The need to fix a broken legal immigration system is as much an economic reality as it is to address detrimental effects in womens' rights (spouses' rights), labor rights and free markets.

    Folks, Sorry, The petition can't be changed even if it has 1 signature. It has close to ~700. I plan to stick with this. This petition is about that particular show. You are free to start another petition highlighting general issues with Lou Dobbs.
    Again we can have several petitions and send it to CNN. If we have enough numbers there will be ample pressure on Lou to state the facts.
    As far as CNN hiring H1-Bs is concerned it is an example of exposing the double standards within Time Warner Inc. I believe this petition is going to make the intended impact. You are free not to sign it.

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  • diqingshen
    07-12 08:24 AM
    otherwise all "U", those idiots can publish it on the 10th.


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  • gdhiren
    07-13 04:48 PM
    All the best, guys! Enjoy, wish I were there in bay area, but hey we will be watching closely.

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  • mayfleur
    01-30 11:13 PM
    Please vote for all 3. The last one is #183 first 2 are in the 20's


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  • trueguy
    08-20 02:56 PM

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  • sriser
    10-29 06:35 PM

    please send me the letter that you sent to Sec. NAPOLITANO-. my email is

    As of 10:30 AM PST (Thursday), I have responsed to all requests for Sample letter, details of officer at TSC and steps to reach IO at TSC.

    If you have not received an email from me, please send me a message again. It's been almost impossible to keep up with all the requests I have received since last night.

    Any requests that I get after 10:30 AM PST, I will respond to them tonight.

    Good luck and keep the faith....

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  • dpp
    06-13 09:58 AM
    I agree with you. But i made those comments immediately after reading that other post. Those comments are not good for any EB2-I. He/she should not post like that.

    We all want our GCs come ASAP, but one should not cry for other's advantage. Otherwise i am OK to fight to bring justice to all.

    Those are not nice words. You can always tell that person that his/her logic was wrong but don't say that EB3 folks deserve the long wait. If everyone of us had applied for EB2, then EB2 queue would be in the same plight as EB3 today, don't forget that!

    And realize that most of the EB3 folks actually deserve to be in EB2 but for their respective Organization's policy to apply for EB3. I mean to say, it wasn't an option for many.

    08-14 08:40 PM
    agree with u..i gave u green !

    05-24 06:43 PM
    Is it passed already?
    On the Amendment (Sanders Amdt. No. 1223


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